Sunday, 15 November 2020


For the Yoruba mind, time falls into two separate epochs.  IGBA or Time as in measurement of seasons and periods. But ASIKO or Time in terms of measurement of awareness.  The linear time which is Igba is just a calculative idea of what is meant to be. And the season as it comes is unregulated by man.  It is something outside our spheres of control and we are subjected to it. 

Every life is stretched before us in terms of time. As a matter of fact, we are helpless about it. ‘Igba Ibi' is the Time of birth and ‘Igba Iku' is the Time of death. And those two times are already predestined. 

Asiko however is what we have and control. The realm through which we achieve it is up to us. It is a cumulative now! Tmore to itis why the Yoruba mind always prays that ‘Asiko wa koni koja wa'. May our time not pass us by. What you achieve in life is justifiably linked to how you spend your time or asiko. It may be at night. Normally a period or ‘Igba’ that you are meant to rest.  

But you can make it an ‘Asiko’ to do other things. From carnal to spiritual, and by so doing, not only have you changed time but you have recreated it as well. 

Be aware of what you do with your ‘Asiko' as your consciousness bearer. When I talk about relating with the inner man, it is all about linking your ‘Ori’ with your ‘Asiko’. Asiko is the only thing we can change but Igba is out of our reach.  Let us dig deeper, there is more to it that the culture has to offer that is not well defined in other languages. Yoruba People have been bending time before time. Ire ooo. 


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