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Èṣù (pronounced Eshu) translates Ẹbọ (prayers, sacrifice) of humans into the language of the spirit and the vulture associated with Ọ̀ṣun takes the prayers to Ọ̀run (heaven). 

So without Èṣù, humans prayers will not leave the earthly realm.

This is who the Christian religion interpreted as Satan, the intrinsically evil one of the Christian mythology. That's not true, Èṣù is not Satan. 

According to the Order of Ọ̀ṢẸ́-TÚRÁ, Èṣù's role is closer to that of Yeshua (Jesus, Jésù) in that he is the way through which the supplications of humans reach the Spirit realm. It is he also who translates the code of the spirit back to earthly reality in answer to the supplications made.

There was a conspiracy set in place by the colonial countries to distort the truth in order to control the destinies of their colony in the way that will favour them. This fact is self-evident. The more you support the colonial masters design to exploit the natural resources of Africa that impoverishes Africa, the higher you will climb in the religious order of the colonial master's religion.

Think of it with the mind of a thief; How would you corrupt the moral fabric of a society to allow for the ease of flow of your corrupt intention if not to distort the spirituality of the people?

We all know that the inspiration for moral uprightness is rooted in spirituality, so to corrupt a people, you must take away their inspiration to do right. 

This was what was done to the African religion. 

It took years of studying the African people and their religion by these foreign folks to know what it will take to break through their ranks and achieve their aim. This is a well documented historical fact. 

...The Truth is coming back regardless.

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