Monday, 16 November 2020

Generational Development of Human Beings

Humans advance by building on what a previous generation has built before them. 

There is no generation that stands without a root. So advancement must be seen for what it is - improvement in the understanding (and functionality) of existing knowledge and concepts based on new (unique) experiences and challenges.

What that simple truth above is saying is that humanity must evolve (develop, advance) by working and improving (continuing from) on where its previous generation left the work in the cycle of time,  and using such improvement to answer contemporary questions (challenges) for the betterment of human race. 

This is how it happens wherever humanity records advancement.

But here is the gist; some people neglect the wisdom/work of their past generations and are seeking to improve on the knowledge of the ancestors of their captors. 

They contribute so greatly to the promotion of their captors ancestral wisdom and some of them are even very active in bastardizing their own original ancestral wisdom. Yet, these sort of people want to advance in what they do and be on equal level with their captors whose house they are helping to build but pulling down their own very house. 

What a wonderfulness!

One interesting thing about this scenario is that the captors use the wisdom of their captives' forefathers to build what fascinates them (the captives) today, and the government of the captors send representatives to buy and learn the knowledge of their captives' ancestors while majority of the captives are in suits and ties considering their ancestors wisdom barbaric, evil and dispenser of unimaginable darkness with nothing to offer than the destruction of the soul of its adherents and custodians.

So, they concern themselves with trying to convert themselves from their root to be planted in the root of the tribe of Israel or Saudi Arabia - a language and culture that they do not understand. They want to escape the hell fire that the culture of their captors say would befall those who don't believe. 

But the result is that they now exist in the hell that those who abandon their culture have been prophesied will be; they are in the hell of those who abandon the tradition and wisdom of their own forefathers. That is why they want do everything they can to compete for Visa to run abroad. The foreigners therefore reap from them their best minds and their land is left desolate while they themselves remain second class citizens forever in another man's land.

This is the story of a people who sell themselves to slavery. They have rejected the truth and they will continue to trail behind. 

But blessed be Olódùmarè who will not allow the truthful ones extinguish from the face of the earth.

Ayobami Ogedengbe

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