Wednesday, 28 October 2020


I was excited to get to take a look at different cultural aspect of Chad, like music and film, but quickly became intimidated by the lack of information on arts overall in the country of Chad. I think that music and film can be very personal, and getting to know, see, or listen to art created by the people of a country can say a lot without saying much at all. Once I sifted my way through the Google search, showing way too many results on Chad Michael Murray, I was able to find some interesting and entertaining information.

Like many places in the world, the music influences and sounds greatly vary by the region of the country. Southern Chad is largely Christian and the north is a mainly Muslim area. Traditional music is most commonly heard in churches, millet beer bars, and at village dance nights. Some traditional instruments include the drum or tam-tam, African maracas, the balafon, lute, and harp along with other stringed instruments.

Today the music industry in Chad is small but still admired. Western influence, like pop, is beginning to appear, but not without the traditional instruments and songs close along side. Soukous and sai are popular musical styles today in Chad.

The film industry in Chad has only started developing in the last few decades, but has had continual growth since then. Chad’s first feature film, Bye Bye Africa, won several awards, while addressing the issue of making, distributing, or viewing films in Chad and touching on the advantages of film.


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