Wednesday, 28 October 2020


Living according to the peculiarity of each one's cosmic energy is/was the religion of Africa before the advent of the foreign religions. It created cosmic harmony which manifested in religious tolerance across the continent of Africa. It was responsible for longevity, low crime rate and surplus in the land simply because everyone was functioning in the place of his manifest destiny.

It is known knowledge that there are invisible cosmic forces that interact and determine human behaviors and general consciousness. It is what the astrologers code in the zodiac which can be traced to your date of birth. That is the same thing that Yorubas find out through Ìkọsẹ̀dayé and Ìtẹfá, so as to know the cosmic force/energy that is operational in the individual's life.

An understanding of the cosmic force operational in a person's life thus forms that person's personal religion. He knows what kinds of behaviors that he can use to enhance himself towards leading a successful life, he knows the kinds of foods to avoid, the kinds of colors of dresses to wear, the kind of vocation to choose and the kind of marriage to have. All these knowledge were part of what was used to create Order in the pristine African society as they were part of the parenting guide. Today, we are fixated with social ideologies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Zee world and BBNaija. Little wonder we have a society that doesn't resonate with our authentic self and we are now trying to accuse God that the life he created "no balance". No, the life is balance, we have just left the eternal order to be chasing after shadows.

There was/is no centralized religion in Africa where everyone is subject to the same set of rules and regulations because each individual has his own unique destiny which is tied to the cosmic energy/force or Irunmole that guides that person's life. That Irunmole or cosmic energy is what is known as guardian angel. Your guardian angel is the one that is assigned to you as you journey from Òrun (the invisible realm) to Ayé (the visible realm -earth) to support you through life to ensure that you fulfill your heanvely mandate. You therefore need to know the dos and donts of your guardian angel in order not to create discordant vibrations in your life that will make your guardian angel incapacitated in assisting you fully.

This is why some people will go and pray in some prayer centers and they will be told that there is an Òrìṣà (imole) in their ancestral home that they have neglected and that they need to go and appease. These guardian angels neglect their Wards when their Wards neglect them. Sometimes, they create obstacles in the way of their Wards, not as a manner of punishment but as a means of getting their attention so that they can retrace their steps.

Usually, the presence of frustration, depression, stagnation and other unfortunate events are not mere coincidences but an evidence of a disalignment from the eternal order. And these issues are usually orchestrated by the cosmic forces to call our attention to something that might be fundamentally wrong in our lives. Due to our drowsiness in the Western philosophy however, we seek to address the symptoms by either reacting to create laws or checks and balances that will fix that particular problem. We might end up being able to solve that problem but because the underlying cause, which is a cosmic disorder has not been fixed, some other problems will surface sooner or later. 

Back in the days, when something unusual begins to happen in inexplicable succession, either in the life of an individual or a community, what is done is that the person or persons concerned will go to find out from the wise men, the disciples of Ọ̀rúnmìlà, to find out what is really the root cause of the matter. And because Ọ̀rúnmìlà is Olódùmarè's witness of destiny, he is able to point out what is at the base of the unpleasant reality. When that has been corrected, the doctors can start to treat and politicians can start to create reforms.

This is how the society used to be ordered. 

It is from the pristine Yoruba society that we got the understanding that everything that is happening in the physical has a spiritual undertone. And it is for this reason that consulting the wise men, otherwise known as Babaláwos before taking a major step in life used to be a honorable thing in the pristine Yoruba society. That practice has become what people hide to do and do not really wish to be identified with today, all thanks to colonial education and religion.

It has caused and is causing a lot of people to therefore act according to the limited ability of their heads. This will undoubtedly result in social disharmony for the ordinary brain of a man is not enough to organize a his own life and by extension the entire community according to the Order of the Almighty; both vertical and horizontal thinking is needed to sustain life and order here.

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