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The old Yoruba Dansiki. © Google

Dansiki or Dashiki is a traditional wear of the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria. The word ‘dansiki’ is borrowed from Hausa ‘dan ciki’ which literally means underneath. It is a loose-fitting, pullover top usually sewn from different colorful African fabrics. It often comes with patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline and cuffs.

This wear can be sewn with ankara, adire, guinee, and other African fabrics. It is mostly in the form of a short agbada; a flowing robe which is another popular Yoruba traditional wear. Dansikis are short sleeves and sleeveless tunic worn by Yoruba men back in the days. 

The modern Yoruba Dansiki. © Google

These days, it is unisex to wear and also adorned by people of all ages. Yoruba traditional rulers and chiefs also adorn this wear both indoor and for occasions. Traditionalists such as chief priests are not left excluded as they adorn it in style.

It is believed that Yoruba people have been wearing dansiki as far back as the 17th century's ago. And up till now dansiki wear is synonymous with Yoruba's as it is a kind of traditional attire that they reckon with. Yoruba people are from western part of Nigeria in west Africa.

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