Thursday, 27 August 2020

The Making of the Promo: Queen Mother Osun

The Producer of the Promo, Queen Mother Osun, Mr Obafemi Lasode got the best people in the performing arts business both in Lagos and Oshogbo together to take part in the Promo of the upcoming movie. The characters on set are Obafemi Lasode as the Producer of the film. Obafemi Lasode is a Nigerian movie maker who has been around for almost thirty years in the movie making profession. He produced the popular movie Sango (the Legendary Afrikan King) some years ago and the movie did very well internationally. 

Obafemi Lasode has written and produced a lot of films and documentaries for television internationally and they are The Amazons of Afrika, Back To Afrika, The Mask of Mulumba, Treasure Map etc. He has also produced a lot of prominent musicians who are relevant in Nigeria in the music circle today. The musicians like 2Face Idibia, Daddy Showkey, Sunny Neji, Alariwo of Africa, Olalekan Oduntan etc.

Yemi Adeyemi is a veteran actor who is popularly known as Suara in the Wale Adenuga's super story series on Nigerian television stations. He is an accomplished actor on stage, screen and films. He plays the role of Ikudayisi in the Queen Mother Osun Promo.

Sholabomi Duro Ladipo Akinsola is an accomplished Oshogbo actress. She is the daughter of Late Duro Ladipo who was one the pioneers of Nigerian Travelling Theater Groups in those days. Sholabomi and her mother Mrs Abiodun Duro Ladipo have been carrying on with the good work left behind by the legendary Duro Ladipo. Sholabomi plays the role of the Queen Mother Osun.

Funmi Tijani plays the role of Ododo in the movie. She is an accomplished actress who has taken part in a lot of productions on stage, television and films. Funmi Tijani is also a singer and a very good dancer. She took part in the documentary of the Amazons of Afrika playing the lead role. She also took part in Sango, The Treasure Map and a host of other films and television productions. Funmi Tijani's role is Ododo who is a wife to Ikudayisi in the Movie Promo.

Olalekan Oduntan plays three roles in the Movie Promo. He is the song director, the priest and the chanter. Olalekan Oduntan is a musician, blogger and an author. He has taken part in a lot productions on stage, screen and movie. He is an accomplished actor who has been in the theatrical circle spanning over thirty years.

Nosa Abel is the costumier for the production. She is also in charge of props and welfare for the production. Nosa Abel is also a veteran actress who has taken part in a lot of productions on stage, screen and film. The name "Nosa" was given to her in one of the Super Story Television Productions and it has since been stuck onto her personality. She plays one of the villagers in the Queen Mother Osun Promo.

Adeola Oyebade is a juju musician. She is known in the music circle as Beezeethegreat. She has been on stage for more than twenty years doing what she knows how to do best. She is an advocate of Juju music. She is one of the villagers in the film Promo.

Olamyde Juwon Coleman is passionate with our culture and tradition. He plays the role of Amotekun in the Promo. Olamyde Juwon Coleman works with the ministry of Osun state culture department. He works directly with the commissioner for culture in Osun state. He is the Public Relation Officer for the project in Oshogbo, Osun State of Nigeria. Olamyde is our eye in Osun State.

Others included in the project are Yemi Peters who is the photographer and cameraman for the documentation of the Promo. Sangorinu plays the role of the guard with Olamyde while two other guys are also members of the cast for the Promo. They are Oyewole Adebowale (Aka One Day Bro) who is the director of photography while the other fellow who acts alongside Seyi Akinsola is Olalekan Ayamo. The two guys are members of Adulawo TV station.

All in all, the shooting of the Queen Mother Osun's Promo is fun filled and friendship is also made through meeting new people in the industry. Shooting of Osun Promo in Oshogbo will go down well in history as we look forward to the shooting of the movie Osun proper very soon. Congratulations to Mr Obafemi Ladode!!! The Producer and director of the production.

We need $150,000. 00 US Dollars to shoot this project into a film successfully. So, we need financial support from sponsors all over the world to come to our aid to do it. All Enquiries should be forwarded to these two numbers: Olalekan Oduntan, E mail:, Phone number: +2348173190077 or Obafemi Lasode, E mail:, Phone number: +2348023211017.

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