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Morna: Folk Music of Cape Verde

Morna is the most famous genres of Cape Verdean music and it had produced international superstars in Cesaira Evora. The Morna is a national song-pattern like Argentinian tango that is loved by the Cape Verdeans across the several islands of the country. The lyrics are usually in Creole, and also reflect highly-variable which includes love and lust, patriotism and mourning.

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Morna is assumed to have rooted from the Boa Vista as a cheerful song-type. Eugenio Tavares was a powerful songwriter of the time, and his songs are still extensively played. The morna has also spread to Sao Vincent and the singers such as B. Leza and Manuel de Novas became famous for this genre of music. 

The solo vocalist is accompanied by a guitar, violin, bass guitar and a piano. The cavaquinho, similar to a ukulele, is a Portuguese instrument that is also common. In the year 1930s Morna evolved in swifter form of music which is known as coladeira. 

This is a more light-hearted and humorous genre, with sensual rhythms, the performers include; Code di dona, Manuel de Novas, Frank Cavaquim, Djosa Marques and Os Tubaroes.

Apart from the Evora, the famous morna musicians are IIdo Lobo, Ti9tina, Celina Pereira, Bana, Djosinha, B. Leza, Travadinha, Saozinha and Maria Alice.

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