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Culture in Botswana - Folk Music, the Pulse of Botswana

Botswana is made up of numerous ethnic groups, though the Batswana are the most numerous. Music is an omnipresent part of Botswana culture, and include popular and folk forms. Church choirs are common across the country. Music education is an integral part of the educational system. Children of all ages are taught traditional songs and dances. 

Tswana music is mostly vocal and performed without drums; it also makes heavy use of string instruments. 
Tswana folk music has got instruments such as Setinkane, Segankure / Segaba and for the last few decades, a guitar has been celebrated as a versatile music instrument for Tswana music. The guitar was originally played in a manner similar to Segaba but with a better rhythm due to plucking, almost completely replacing the violin-like Segaba until such prodigies of Segaba as Ratsie Setlhako re-popularised Segaba in the 80s with the help of radio. In the absence of instruments a clapping rhythm is used in music with the typical chant and answer manner of singing. The absence of drumming is predominant and is peculiar of an African tribe.

Natsieng Traditional Group in Botswana

Like many African countries, much of the popular music there is called jazz, though it has little resemblance to the African American genre of that name. There has been a push in recent years to focus on revitalizing the Botswana music industry instead of purchasing foreign releases. Most popular music in Botswana still comes from South Africa, United States, Europe or elsewhere in Africa. Gumba-gumba is a form of modernized Zulu and Tswana music, mixed with traditional jazz; the word gumba comes from township slang for party.

Tswana Dance, Botswana Culture Spears Group

Jazz Artist Banjo Mosele, Botsa Mmutla, hahhhahaaa, nice tune.......... enjoy

Traditional Dance - Mogwana Group:

Professional artists based in Gaborone, Botswana who perform the traditional music, song and dance of indigenous ethnic groups of Botswana and southern Africa. Mogwana Dance Company, professional performers/artistes of traditional songs and dances of Botswana and southern Africa.

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