Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Central African Republic: Music from a country in the heart of Africa

At the center of Africa, the Central African Republic preserves through art and music their traditions and the wonderful nature that characterizes this country.

In the Central African Republic, the beliefs and customs of the native peoples who have inhabited the country for millennia are interwoven with the beliefs and customs of its French colonizers. The various native ethnic groups express their identities through visual arts and through music, song and dance which use the Sango language to transmit the oldest traditions. During their rituals, the main focus is on the people’s relationship with nature, whether they live in the country or the city. Its landscapes include spectacular tropical forests and rivers, and contain a biodiversity treasure-trove, which has always been celebrated through the country’s artistic expression, especially through music, which plays a central role in traditional culture. The waterfalls, the animal reserves and the savanna, which extends to the foothills of the Bouar Plateau, provide spectacular backdrops to traditional villages perched beside the rivers, which preserve the most authentic forms of the country’s ancient heritage.

Gastronomical Expressions of Tradition

Among the Central African Republic’s typical dishes, the most frequently eaten is Jollof Rice, a loosely defined one-pot rice dish with various kinds of vegetables. Traditional ingredients and tastes dominate, hence the numerous dishes based on cereals and vegetables, with meat usually consisting of chicken or antelope. Fish is eaten fresh, accompanied by spicy chilli sauces and bananas, or else dried and eaten together with tropical fruit, especially papaya or mango.

Craftwork To Tell the Story of a Nation’s History

The Central African Republic’s Pavilion is situated inside the Arid Zones Cluster. The country has chosen to express itself in Expo Milano 2015 above all through native art and artefacts, through which visitors can perceive and appreciate the lifestyle and customs of its peoples. The domestic objects and utensils in ebony, and the finely handcrafted wicker baskets, used to prepare and conserve food on an everyday basis, vibrate with heritage and energy.


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