Saturday, 25 July 2020

The World Music Culture Gnaoua | Morocco Culture

Gnaoua The World Musical Festival:

Every Year the world Music culture or festival is organized in the Essaouira, which is the city of Morocco. Morocco is located in Continent Africa. About 500,000 People from all around the world are visiting Gnaoua Festival and increasing in number each year. People enjoy all the genres of music in Gnaoua traditional style including Jazz, Hip-hop, Blues, Bass And Much more.

This Festival is organized in June each year for four days. Gnaoua is first celebrated in 1998 for promoting  the Music and Art. The Gnaoua music uses three musical instruments which are drums ( tbel ), lutes 
( hajhouj ) and castanets ( qraqeb ) contain one of the musical lines which repeat again and again.

The traditional Songs of Gnaoua music are foreign artists and the mystical Gnaoua musicians. The environment of Gnaoua Festival is friendly that they can meet Gnaoua Artists enjoying with coffee and tea.

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