Friday, 3 July 2020

The Festival of Cultures in Gabon

AFRICA/GABON - The Festival of Cultures, the most popular cultural event in the Country opens its doors again.

Festival of Cultures in Gabon has just ended in Libreville, Akanda and Owendo. The 2017 edition was celebrated under the theme ‘Cultural Diversity and National Cohesion’. After being suspended for many years due to numerous organizational contingencies, the Festival of Cultures is back on the agenda. This most popular cultural event in Gabon opened its doors to foreign communities in its new version. Gabon wants to further involve Gabonese, Africans and Europeans for a rich and diversified cultural expression and make Libreville a cultural hub. Special guest of this 13th issue, a delegation of dozens of artists who came straight from Morocco. Part of the competition, several games including SONGO, a traditional game based on mathematical calculations, somewhat strategic. Games and contests often accompanied by the melodies of traditional instruments such as the “mvet”, a kind of guitar that tells through its strings: poetry, philosophy and sometimes the scientific knowledge of the world.

The Festival of Culture was launched in 1997 by Father Mba Abessolo, then mayor of Libreville before being instituted as a national celebration by the late Omar Bongo Ondimba. 

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