Friday, 24 July 2020

Cavadee Festival | Mauritius Culture

Cavadee :

Cavadee is the word like religious spell and that is an old tradition. Cavadee culture is followed by the exotic tribal rituals, which begins of an antique or ancient Tamil legend. A story about Idumban, a very proudful name. Idumban has a master(guru) known as "Agattiyar". One day the master commands the Idumban to go to mountains and return with two summits for Cavadee (which means loads which are carried by a stick). Idumban was Loyal and Honest with his master so he started his journey along with his wife.

Cavadee Festival:

Cavadee is the festival of faith and belief. The Thaipoosam Cavadee is the most unique, ancient, and popular Cavadee for the Tamils of Mauritius. Which is Organized in January and sometimes in February? People who want to participate in this festival they must be Honest and have belief on the Sacrifice of Idumban.

The participators have to be strong physically. Because they use Sharp needles, Long metal and Silver Pikes that pierce through their Hands, Legs, Tongue, Forehead, Cheeks etc.

This Festival is celebrated by the memorial Sacrifice of Idumban. The people of Mauritius are strong and faithful to use these dangerous instruments without any fear because they have faith in their Culture.

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