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Algerian Folk Music


Algerian music and dance follow in the Arabic tradition. Arabic music tells tradition and often recounts tales of love, honor, and family. The musical world in Algeria has many different melodies. Even though their traditional music is still played and loved, the younger generation of musicians is making an impact on the music in Algeria. Local instruments such as the Oud (a stringed) and maqrunah (an Arabic wind instrument which can be fitted with a pouch) provide unique regional sounds.  At the same time there are many different types of music in Algeria for example Rai and Chaabi they are the most famous music in Algeria so far.

Rai Music

Rai is a popular music that began in Algeria in the 1930s, combining with traditional Algerian folk music with Spanish, French, African and Arabic musical forms. Rai literally means opinion. Rai music is traditionally sung by men, but when the 20th century arrived Rai music was also sang by woman. Rai singers in the early 1930s were singing about social issues which affected native populations. Rai music today blends hip hop, rock, funk, blues and with North African beats and rhythms.

Chaabi Melody

Chaabi is the name for the folk music of Algeria, which goes back to medieval days when musicians came over to North Africa from Spain. Chaabi music is played in smoke-filled corners of the Algeria. Unlike other musicians and storytellers in other parts of Algeria, Chaabi players do not sing the country’s social history,
but they sing songs that speak of personal themes such as love and loss. These widely known traditional songs are widely recognized by many Algerians. Younger audiences prefer shorter and more modern types of music.

Traditional Dance

Algeria’s dance information is really rare so below there is a video about the traditional dance of Algeria.

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