Sunday, 28 June 2020

Rhodes Medieval Events

Medieval Festival: every year at the end of May takes place the famous Medieval festival of Rhodes that represents life of those times. Join us to watch Medieval fights, medieval feasts and a lot more from actors that wear traditional Medieval costumes, with armors and swords, Medieval dancers and stilbots, listen to Medieval music and imagine that you live in the Medieval Rhodes of knights of St. John. Of course all this would be nothing without tasting the cuisine of the knights , with traditional cheese, bread and beer.

Stawberry festival: takes place in the village of Paradisi next to the airport of Rhodes and is an opportunity to try local strawberries, local deserts , accompanied by traditional music and dancing events.

European Music Festival: at the end of June in the Palace of the Grand Master and the City Hall square of Rhodes the famous festival of European classical music takes place, with famous artists and dancers from all over Europe. The city center is transformed into an open stage of musical events.

Watermelon festival: in the mid of July in the village of Apollakia and of course at the end of watermelon harvesting, locals organize a small event to launch their products made out of watermelon, such as jams, desserts .

Assumption of Mary: at 15th of August in the village of Kremasti we honor one of the greatest religious events, the assumption of Mary, or as we call it the Easter of Summer. At that day Kremasti village becomes the center of the island with thousand of people arriving from all over the island to light a candle in the name of Holy Mary. Also except from the religious part of this big event you will also find a small feast outside the church with local tastes and small producers showing off their merchandise.

Giapraki festival: in the mid of August,  in the village of Salakos, in order to celebrate the end of grape harvesting, the locals dedicate a day to serve all the guests with the famous “Giapraki” (stuffed vine leafs with rice and pork meat). If your way brings you there , make a stop and try this traditional plate.

Wine festival: at the end of August in the small village of Empona, we celebrate the vintage of wine. The feast starts of course with wine tasting, accompanied with traditional dishes and ends with singing and dancing with local artists.

Walnut festival: usually takes place at the end of September when the walnuts are ready to be harvested in the small village of Dimilia. The locals prepare a big feast and they serve traditional walnut deserts.

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