Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Traditional Strawberry Festival in Skikda.

Skikda (Arabic: سكيكدة ) is a city in north eastern Algeria and a port on the Gulf of Stora, the ancient Sinus Numidicus. It is the capital of Skikda Province and Skikda District.

The modern city of Skikda was founded in 1838 by the French under the name Philippeville on the ruins of an ancient Phoenician city which later flourished as a large Roman city called Rusicade, a Punic word which means "Promontory of fire". In the 5th century, the Roman port was destroyed by the Vandals. The current city was founded by Sylvain Charles Valée, for the French to use as a port for Constantine, the third largest city in Algeria. The Constantine-Skikda railway line was developed. During this time, Valee would also build the largest Roman theatre in Algeria. It was built on top of ruins.

The strawberry festival in Skikda is a cultural and sporting event allows residents and visitors to enjoy a host of activities.

A colorful carnival traveled the axes of the city center from the municipal stadium August 20, 1955 through the Avenues to arrive at CPA headquarters, a distance of 5km, with folk groups and scouts before a crowd numerous amassed along the streets of downtown.

The strawberry festival celebrated annually in mid-May in the ancient Rusicada was also marked by the presence of several troops of fantasia come from different wilayas, alongside local troops Skikda. The highlight of the carnival was the passage of the truck turned into a giant fruit basket with strawberries as "queen of the show."

Of strawberry cakes were distributed to the public to enhance the brilliance of the atmosphere. Strawberry distributed to passersby and artistic evenings plot Stora. exhibitions on crafts, a traditional game called el-karmouzia locally and also the contest of Miss Strawberry 2016. A competition in relation to the cutter, namely the best strawberry juice, pies, preserves, strawberry showcases the best domestic flowered balcony, the best picture of natural strawberries and the best presentation on the history of the strawberry. Artistic evenings with local and national singers enliven the evenings.

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