Saturday, 1 September 2018

Coua + Dustin :: Wisconsin Cultural Wedding

Coua and Dustin have met during their Freshman and Junior years of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while attending HASA's (Hmong American Student Association) annual social event.
During the event, Dustin spoke as part of an informal panel about tips for success for the incoming Freshman class and his voice caught Coua's ears. 

To this day, she says that Dustin's voice was the first thing that attracted her attention. Dustin also has noticed Coua as well.As it turns out, a week or two later, Dustin was assigned to be her mentor. At first, they kept things very friendly and went for small ice cream meals to talk and catch up. As time went by, they started to like each other more and things started looking more serious. With every meeting, Dustin was taken by Coua's strong sense of herself. He greatly admired her confidence and determination. Not to mention Coua's natural beauty.

On the day before Thanksgiving break, Dustin asked Coua to sit down for a chat. It was then that he professed to Coua how much he liked her and how I wanted to take things more seriously with her and their relationship. Coua admitted that she also felt the same way and they decided to see where a serious relationship would take them.
Fusion of two people in this cultural wedding Madison WI.

6 years later, on windy summer day, Wisconsin cultural wedding ceremony happened in Saint Anne Parish in Wausau, WI and Coua and Dustin became husband and wife.

Fusion of two people is always an exciting event. But Coua and Dustin made it extra exciting day. By just being themselves, enjoying tr families at its fullest and letting me take care of the rest.

Two big cultural families (almost 400 wedding guests) traveled from all over the United States that weekend to celebrate two people together, their love, and life in general.

Evening at the Wausau Elks Lodge #248 was filled with cultural Hmong wedding traditions- blessings, songs, dancing. Also other activities that contribute to wedding celebration at its fullest-beer chugging, shots at the bar, endless toasts! Txhais – kev zoo siab to Coua and Dustin!

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