Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Wedding : Private Farm, St. Louis, Missouri

For their wedding in St. Louis, Kirsten and AJ wanted to give their guests an excuse to get all gussied up for a fête at the farm. While AJ nearly stole the show with his Frank Sinatra-inspired groomswear, it was Kirsten's sneaky dress reveal that got the biggest "wow!" From the moment they began their planning process, the couple's families were involved every step of the way. Some of our favorite moments captured in these images by
Bradford Martens are of the newlyweds celebrating with their parents on their special day!

The Couple: 

Kirsten and AJ

The Wedding:

Private Farm, St. Louis, Missouri

We wanted a black tie affair out on the most beautiful family friends' farm. And to give our guests reason to dress to the nines! AJ wanted to look dapper, a modern Frank Sinatra look for the farm, and did he ever! He wore a custom suede tuxedo from Mister Guy, a black velvet Lanvin bow tie and black wingtip oxfords. I thought it would be brilliant to have a overlay tutu skirt over a secret dress underneath that I could surprise AJ and my bridesmaids with. I wanted to feel like a bride but still wanted to feel sexy. This is was the perfect fit! I loved surprising everyone and being able to dance the night away. 

I was also able to dance because of the stunning wedged Jimmy Choos that were almost pain free! The final touch was something I was so grateful to have borrowed, the gold bracelets. My grandmothers were both unable to travel from South Africa for my wedding in St. Louis so these were so special.

Choose two things that are important to you and your spouse and then let your parents and spouses parents choose their two important things. This relieves a lot of stress and collaboration is what made our wedding! The stress will be there nevertheless but it is about letting go of things that after the fact truly do not matter. The most important thing is that you and your husband will be married. Don't fake it by just saying this, let things go and do it because it is the reason why behind every decision.

There was a moment Bradford captured minutes after we said our vows, and had taken communion. We were praying for the first time as husband and wife, whispering our hopes and dreams of how we will navigate our marriage. Without Bradford knowing how sacred this time was for us, he captured this intimate moment.

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