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Weddings Traditions and Requirements in Aruba

Share Aruba traditions with your guests at your destination wedding
Wedding traditions vary from country to country. Couples marrying in Aruba have the option of creating a fresh wedding tradition, borrowing from the island, or blending both ideas for something truly special.
The Aruban idea of how to host a wedding is relaxed and modern, though there are a few customs that have withstood the test of time. Some couples enjoy the thought of integrating these local traditions into their big day. However you plan your wedding, it is important to also pay attention to what is required by law in oder to be married on the island.

Local Wedding Customs

Local wedding traditions in Aruba draw from the numerous cultures that are present on the island, and you can incorporate any one of them into your own big day.

In Aruba, it is common for church bells to ring during the wedding to let the villagers know that the ceremony is taking place. When they hear the bells, they gather outside the wedding venue (invitation or not) to observe the vows, and then comment on the appearance of the bride and groom. Many people might find this intimidating, while others might revel in the attention.
The easiest way to bring Aruba into your wedding services is by serving local foods at your reception. Dishes might include freshly caught seafood, "keshi yena," or "soppi di pisca." Balashi beer (a local beer), and Balashi malta (a non-alcoholic option) are great beverage choices. In the Caribbean spiced fruit cake soaked in rum serves as the traditional wedding cake, rather than a vanilla or chocolate cake. This is another option to consider.

A few other options that will allow you to honor Aruba on your wedding day include incorporating the national flower, the wanglo, into your bouquet or boutonnière, choosing regionally made candies as party favors, and hiring a local band to play at your reception.

Modern Requirements

In Aruba, couples must legally wed at the Civil Town House on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Couples may then choose to host a celebration ceremony at another time at a venue of their choice. There is no residency requirement, couples simply bring the following documents to the Civil Town House, and pay the $100(USD) marriage license fee:

•Official copy of birth certificate.
•Apostil sealed, certified single    status  report.
•Photo page from passport.
•Certificate of Divorce. .
•Death Certificate of a deceased spouse  if either party has been widowed.
Two witnesses must be present to witness the wedding, so don't forget to bring two friends along for your legal ceremony.

Whether you create a wedding day filled with your own ideas or borrow some traditions from Aruba, your island wedding can be anything you want it to be. Whatever you choose to do, you will, without doubt, look back on your wedding day and remember the beauty that the island added to the day.

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