Friday, 18 May 2018


Olaleone dropped this album about two years ago. Precisely, in the month of August in the year 2016. He has been around music circle for some time now. He has his own style of music, connecting the old with the contemporary and balancing the two to make meaningful and sensible music. This album consists of six well researched songs that have different messages. 

The first song is entitled "Abracadabra" which is the title of the album. The song is Afrobeat genre. It talks about misrule in African countries. It laments on how successive leaders in Africa have subjected the people to perpetual hardship. It advises the African leaders to put things in order in their different countries by providing social amenities like electricity, pipe borne water, affordable homes and food supply to quell hunger and poverty ravaging their land.

The second track is entitled "Orente" which is a dance hall music. Its genre is Apala but arranged in Afro Hip Hop format. The song talks about one beautiful girl named Orente whom the artiste plans to marry amidst all odds. The singer admits in the song that what is good is adored by all but he will eventually be the suitor to this beautiful girl called Orente.

The third track is entitled "Iyawo" and it is highlife genre. The song talks about how young girls getting married should be of good behaviour to their husbands. They are advised to take care of their homes and also be respectful to their in laws.

The fourth track is entitled "Ore". This is also in slow Apala genre. It cautions us to know the kind of friends we keep and hang out with. It advises us to study our friends very well before relying on them. The song says good and trust worthy friends are hard to come by.

The fifth song is entitled "Orente". It is a dance hall instrumental song of Orente.

The last but not the least song is number six on the album and it is entitled "Ore". This is an acalpela song. This kind of music is called Rara. It is a call and respond kind of music and it is common with the Yoruba people from South West of Nigeria. That is the album review of OlaleOne's music entitled 

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