Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Montserrat Mountain Wedding Shoot

Nothing can redefine a mountain wedding than this styled shoot at Montserrat in Spain. Nestled on the edge of Barcelona in Catalonia, this location features a monastery which offers impeccable views. Soft, simple d├ęcor and a charming couple bring this entire mountain experience full circle. The invitation suite features an exclusive design that perfectly captures the location in great detail.

There’s no denying the experience to be had with this picture-filled assortment.
The bride is a classic beauty in lace from head to toe. She wears a traditional lace veil in her gorgeous brunette updo and dons a lace V-neck gown to match.

Outside the stone walls of the monastery, the groom joins the bride under an archway. He wears a dark gray suit with a dark blue tie.
A reception table is decorated in pastoral fashion. White linen covers the table and small folding chairs await the guests.

A large centerpiece anchors the look with tall white tapers, white grapes, and small dishes of walnuts on each side.
Floral plates, gray napkins with personalized place cards, and traditional silver flatware complete the place settings.

There are a plethora of nooks and crannies from which to shoot. This small archway offers a moment of quiet pause for the bride.

She covers her hair in the lace veil. The length is utterly classic and adds gracefulness to her look. The groom joins her and they make their way to the ceremony space. They stop on a ledge that overlooks the awe-inspiring mountains in the distance.

They exchange vows, gold rings, and a kiss. The bouquet the bride carries is small and modest with white flowers and a generous inclusion of greenery.
The bride is captured overlooking the mountains with her veil draped down on her shoulders. The groom sits on a ledge in contemplative fashion.

And then they are photographed together, taking in the scenery and the moment. Naturalist John Muir once said "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings." This statement is incredibly appropriate for planning a mountain-inspired wedding. Although you must climb, oh the experience at the top will be worth it!

*culled from www.trendybride.net

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