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Carnival of Venice - A True Symbol of Venetian Culture

The Carnival of Venice is a true representation of Venetian tradition and culture. It is one of the prominent festivals in Italy, which is celebrated every year in Venice. The festival starts in the month of January and ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter. The festival is globally famous for its elaborate masks and fancy costumes. The carnival is highly appreciated across the world. Therefore, it brings thousands of tourists to Italy every year.

History of the Carnival of Venice

The history of the Carnival of Venice dates back to 12th century, when the Republic of Venice got victory in the war against Ulrico, Patriarch of Aquileia, (Ancient Autocratic Authority of Italy) in the year 1162. In the honor of victory, people gathered in San Marco Square and celebrate their triumph. For many years, the festival was banned under the rule of the King of Austria. But after a long time, it restarted in 1979 by the help local government to bring back the tradition and culture of Venice.

Significance of Masks in the Festival

Masks have been an important part of this festival. Wearing them during the festival is more than just fun for the people. It is a part of their tradition and culture. They wear masks to hide their social standing, so that there could be no distinction between the different social classes. Venetian masks are usually made of leather, porcelain and glass. The original masks were simple in design, which used to represent a symbolic and practical function. Today, most of the masks are made of the application of gesso and gold leaf. Some of the popular types of masks that are worn in this carnival are: Bauta, Colombina, Medico Della Peste, Volto, Zanni, etc.

Carnival of Venice Celebrations

The Carnival of Venice is the main highlight of the Venice city as tourists from all across the world flock to Venice to join the atmosphere of this amazing carnival. St Mark's Square is a prominent place for all major activities of carnivals, which is filled with a mass of masked party goers during the festival. Jugglers, acrobats and many street artists enchant beholders with their extraordinary performances and unique costumes. At night, masked balls are organized at different places around Venice. Guests reach to these places through a ravishing gondola ride and relish the party along with delicious gala dinner.

Weather of Venice During Carnival

The beautiful Venice can be visited all year round, but if you're looking to avoid crowds, wintertime is a perfect time to go to Venice. The carnival of Venice also falls in the month of January, which is one of the coldest months in Italy. However, its coastal presence makes it a far better place to visit than many other parts of Northern Europe. The average temperature in January ranges here between to 10 to 14°C.

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