Sunday, 14 May 2017

Nigerian Musical Instruments

There are several Nigerian Instruments for music, several of which are locally made and operated mostly by Nigerians who are very good at playing them.

Many of the instruments which originated from Nigeria are already gaining wide and international acceptance, they are already being used all over the world for music... like the Talking drum.

The Igbos occupying the eastern part of the country play varieties of instrument for different purposes, The Ogene almost Originated from that region...used mostly in the early nineties by town criers to pass across information or relay the king's massage. The ogene, one of the most relevant instrument of music in Nigeria is also widely used by the masquerades.

Here is one of the first earliest instruments used for music in Nigeria, This is the multi purpose Ogene, which its use has of course minimized because of the advent of western instruments.

There is scarcely any town without an Ogene in the Early Nineties Because like I said, it Is used by the town crier to disseminate information and it is used for several other traditional music, Palm wine Music and several others.

This is the Nigeria flute used for music, Although several of these instrument were used in the early nineties, they were an integral part of the life of the Nigeria People, the flute is one of Nigeria instruments used for solo music.

It is used to make emotional music, the saxophone is gradually taking the place of the flute in the field of music The flute is a wind instrument, a sound is made by blowing air into it and controlling the air outlet with the fingers.

Several years back in the village we fight to get a turn to play this instrument, then is was the most popular and loudest musical instrument we had.

The Ekwe as it is fondly called is used in prayer houses for the making of music, It is a simple carved wood that produces different sounds and it is also used to gather the call a meeting...the sound of the ekwe early in the morning is a notice that the king wants to meet with the villagers.

There are several other musical instruments used for music in Nigeria, There are over hundred different Nigerian instruments as different parts of the country deal on different instruments. The Hausa use instruments like the talking drum, armpit drum, and ivory horn.

Although the Western instruments have not fully taken over the Nigeria musical scenes, it has gained plausible space in Nigeria music industries. Nigeria high life, reggae, hip hop, and several genres of music played in Nigeria now make use of western instruments.

These are the few of the Nigerian Instruments, many of them are not listed here. Hopefully, many more will be added to this page if and when they get discovered by me.
There are lots of other instruments that was very popular in the northern part of the country that had probably gone into extinction.


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  5. This is a great post about Nigerian music instruments. This shows how divers their music is. This also shows that each region may have different instruments but all beats to the same music.


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