Sunday, 9 April 2017

Celebration of people, lives, history and culture of Badagry

The Badagry Festival began its humble beginnings in 1999, as a remembrance for the slave trade era and the significance of the town in the era. In 1999, AREFO organized the first Badagry Festival. Throughout the years, AREFO has spent hundreds of hours organizing the festival and have been instrumental in evolving it into the festival that we know today.

Annually, on the 3rd week in August, hundreds of thousands of people converge at Badagry, Lagos to be part of the action that is The Great Badagry Festival. Badagry is completely transformed and is
filled with fascinating sights, smells and sounds as hundreds of fine artists, musicians, dancers, exhibitors and food vendors take part in this one week celebration.
The Badagry Festival features differing acts and performances.

On our acts and performances includes Liberation Day Celebration, Football Competition (Oba Akran Cup), Arts & Crafts Festival, Nature/Water Sport Activities, Vothun Henwhe Festival, Zangbeto Exotheric Masquerade Festival, Gbenepo Royal Carnival, International Day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and Its Abolition, Carnival Day and more!

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