Monday, 27 March 2017


THE OTAMIRI RIVER is the major river that washes through the Ihiagwa autonomous community, in the Owerri west Local govt area of Imo State, Nigeria, West Africa. This river runs from Egbu where it has it's major base or Ishi mmiri rather as it is called in the Igbo Language, through to Nekede, Ihiagwa, Eziobodo, Olokwu Umuisi, Mgbirichi, Umuagwo, and finally to Ozuzu in Etche town of Rivers State of Nigeria, where it finally joins the Atlantic Ocean.

This River is of a very great significance to the people of Ihiagwa autonomous community as it serves as a source of water for domestic use and other purposes especially in those olden days before the introduction of pipe borne water today in the community. Beside it's importance as mentioned above, the river serves as a major boundary between the community and it's surrounding communities such as Obinze e.t.c.

In fact the importance of this river cannot be overemphasized even though there have been some speculations over the years by some people that the river has the characteristic of drowning only outsiders. This statement is very wrong. This is because the OTAMIRI RIVER IS A SACRED RIVER, and also named after the community's Chief Deity i.e the OTAMIRI DEITY, which abhors evil. Because this deity abhors evil, it only drowns those that come to the community to perpetrate evil. This is done to cleanse and purge the land of evil in all it's ramifications.

This simply means that the river does not drown outsiders that come to the community with good will and thoughts. Except of-course in the case one has come to the community with evil thoughts or has done something very evil in his or her community and have come to Ihiagwa to seek refuge, then the persons life is in jeopardy if he or she steps into Otamiri river.

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