Monday, 27 March 2017

Olobor Festival In Ogwashi Ukwu

''Olobo'' is an indigenous phrase or acronym for masquerade in Ogwashi-uku kingdom, it is a crowd puller of some sort and its existence is as old as Ogwashi-uku Kingdom, it is a highly revered dance that is one of the very best and still well maintained amongst the people of Ogwashi-uku.

The Olobo dance which features the use of cane or wipes by the escort and mask wearer is predominantly a male affair but watched in admiration by men and women, old and young, children and adults alike. The masquerade comes in various colours of rafter palms and very colourful head mask that adds beauty to the face of the mask wearer and to the delight of spectators who giggles at the site of a male masquerade wearing a mask with a female face design and with lipstick to match in famine dance steps signalling the attraction of a male masquerade.

In fact, the beauty and dance movement , including the flogging of both the masquerade and its escort and their ability to endure the pains from the cane remains the unique attraction of spectators.

Because of the high regards and attendant crowd for olobo in Ogwashi-uku kingdom, it became imperative for the Organiser's of Ogwashi-uku carnival to re-introduce the dance into the Carnival with one day set aside solely for the display of olobo masquerade. The Olobor festival was conceived to add more glamour to the beauty of the Ogwashi-uku dance carnival but most of all to sustain its cultural legacy.

Keeping the Heritage alive for generations yet unborn.

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