Thursday, 2 March 2017

Major Festivals In Delta State Nigeria

Delta State is endowed with a rich cultural heritage culminating in the existence of a variety of traditional festivals which are celebrated as an annual community affair throughout the various local governments. Almost every village celebrates traditional festivals that bring both indigenes and non-indigenes together. Most festivals take place between March and December every year and they offer occasions for re-uniting family, friends and well wishers from far and near.
The important festivals celebrated in the State include the following:

Adane-Okpe: The Adane-Okpe is an annual cultural event that symbolises a rallying point for all Okpe people. It dates back to the historic meeting of the four Okpe founding brothers; Esezi, Evbreke, Orhoro and Orhue, after the migration of their ancestor from Benin early in the last millennium. The festival is held in Orerokpe, where the meeting point of the brothers is clearly visible.

Ukwata Festival: This is the major feast of the Abbi people of Delta State of Nigeria. It is an important annual festival which is usually celebrated in the month of February. The festival marks the end of the year's farming activities of Abbi people and ushers in another farming year and other activities.

Aja festival: This literally means the "Festival of Sacrifice" and is celebrated annually in August to appease the gods and mark the beginning of harvest period.

Iwaji festival: This festival is celebrated to commemorate the harvest period particularly the abundance and availability of New Yams.

Oli Oma Festival: This is a feast day at the end of harvest celebrations during which families give sacrifices to their dead mother. it's kind of a mother's day celebration for deceased mothers.

Ine or Ekensu: This is a famous festival of the Capital City, Asaba. It is marked by a five day celebration of military-like parades and war dances in each of the five villages of Asaba. The festival is reminiscent of the old battles in which Asaba people distinguished themselves.

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