Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Baaleship Tussle In Orile Shomolu

Chief Mufutau Awoseyi Akinpelu 
If a king has not died, a new one can not be crowned. This cliche applies to the vacancy left to be filled after the demise of Chief Saliu Akanni Olundegun who was the Baale of Orile Shomolu before he joined his ancestors recently. After the burial rites and some other sacrifices done to sanctify the land, the race to choose  new Baale of Shomolu began.

The people had their mind on a young man called Mufutau Awoseyi who was the son of late Chief Ishola Akinpelu who was Baale before Chief Akanni Olundegun in Orile Shomolu. But Chief Lasisi Omitogun who had been Otun Baale to the two previous Baales said it was his own turn to be next Baale.
Chief Babatunde Lasisi Omitogun 

The tussle to choose the next Baale soon began in earnest. Prince Mufutau  Awoseyi (now Baale of Shomolu today) had his own followers likewise
his counterpart Chief Lasisi Omitogun.
A lot of people wanted both of them but the matter must be put to rest through the ballot box.

Police were brought in to maintain  law and order of the land. And the two contestants were made to sign that there would not be breach of peace during and after the new Baale would be chosen.

Elections were keenly conducted by the elders in the land and Chief Awoseyi Mufutau Akinpelu emerged as   
the Baale of Orile Shomolu. People were rejoicing and celebration was at its peak for choosing a new Baale for Orile Shomolu. After his victory, Chief Mufutau Awoseyi Akinpelu has been reconciling the aggrieved parties and he has already extended his hand of friendship to work with everybody. 

His coronation will come up in May. This is when the staff of office will be handed over to him by the Oba of Shomolu himself. We say

"kabiyesi" to our new Baale!

Kade o pe lori,

Ki i bata o pe lese,

K'ase o pe lenu,

K'irukere o pe lowo,

Kaabiyesi o o o!!!

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