Monday, 9 January 2017

International Folk Festivals - Nepal

Everest Nepal Cultural Group is hosting
An extraordinary human adventure !
Everest Nepal cultural Group has been organizing "International Folk Festival" regularly every couple spring's months of March. ENCG invites around ten International folklore groups from all continents around the globe with five national folklore groups. The largest international dimension of the folkloric groups / artistic troops welcomed, the formalities undertaken by the authorities of the countries of origin, the cost of transportation, of medical aid, of insurance/ assistance drove the Nepal festivals to regroup in an organisation in order to facilitate the administrative and diplomatic formalities and to share the programming costs of the amateur artists concerned.

• The objectives : 

The organisation Everest Nepal Cultural Group,"International Folk Festival" while taking into account the needs of its adherents, elaborates every two year a program of the folkloric groups, coming from all continents, so that the set of the groups is welcomed without discontinuity by the different festivals, from the arrival in Nepal to the departure of Nepal, or to other destinations, according to a negotiated suitability with the concerned artists.

Every adherent engages in a festival program. He must ensue a coherent circuit permitting to receive the concerned troops during his festival program. Led solely without lucrative goal by constituted teams of volunteers, this organization wants to be extremely professional and respectful of the ballets that it receives in Nepal. The organisation ENCG, "International Folk Festival" seduces especially by the quality of the groups that it gathers, the sincerity of the meetings, and the festival spirit that it generates.

General The main and vital objective of this program is collect preserve and promote the culture of Nepal and abroad and ultimately to promote the Tourism of Nepal.

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