Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Obatala or Orisanla : Spirit of the light and conscience

He represents the power of light to transform into matter. He is the God creator of men, justice and purity. He is totally respected by everyone. His dances represent the movements of an eternal old man, with slow and tired steps, or the steps of a young warrior who impose justice with the sword. His color is white. His attribute is an Irukere, a symbol of royalty. Mo mirele Amoru…Even the king of Ife.
There is a great controversy about this deity; in Cuba he is known as Ọbàtálá, Òrìşànlá, Obamoro, Ayaguna and Obalofun, among others, as different types of Ọbàtálá; there are even eight who are feminine and eight masculine. 

Nevertheless, in the Yoruba land this version is refuted; only one Ọbàtálá is acknowledged and the situation is that this deity had different nicknames, but he is only known as a man and his wife was Yemoo. He is the leader of the Orisas in the world, he provides the destiny to the new ones, together with Ajala Mopin..etc, Ileke, Sesefun.

Praises of Obatala 

Obatala Alare,
Onibi Akoka,
Ajif'ogbon inu ire koni,
Atewo la ba'la,
Obatala lo ko.
Oba to ta ta ta,
To taala bole.
Obatala Ajala lalamo
to n mori.


Obatala is called Alare,
The maker of our destiny,
Teaching mankind the
potent knowledge and wisdom,
The lines on our palms
are written by Obatala.
Obatala dominates the sky
and the mother earth.
Obatala is called Ajala,
the molder of our heads.

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