Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Of all the corpuses of Ifa, EJIOGBE is seen as the head or father of them all. It is this corpus of Ifa that enlightenment to the origin of creation and its first inhabitants. It also talks about the four elements that make up life and they are the earth , the water, the air and the fire.

EJIOGBE says the mother earth gave birth to water while the water in turn gave birth to the air. The air finally gave birth to the fire. And these four elements begged the creator (Olodumare) for relevance in life and He, the creator asked them to sacrifice two squirrels, two fishes and two hens for this purpose.

They obliged and thereafter the Sand (Mother earth) was given to the world. But one day, the sand also begged the creator (Olodumare) for relevance and usefulness, and the creator asked her to sacrifice two
squirrels , two fishes and two hens for her wish to be accomplished.

She did this and thereafter the first man known as Akoda (Adam) was molded with clay and  life was blown into him by the creator (Olodumare) to make him live. From then on, Adam was left alone in loneliness in the world with other creatures of the creator like the trees, the birds, the rivers, the animals, the sun, the moon, the stars etc.

But the first man too got tired of loneliness in the world and begged the creator (Olodumare) for a partner that would be assisting him in everything that he did in the world. And the creator asked him too to sacrifice two squirrels, two fishes and two hens for this purpose which he joyfully and gladly obliged to.

After the first woman known as Aseda (Eve) was created from the right ribs of the first man
Akoda (Adam). EJIOGBE further says that the first man (Adam) and the first woman (Eve) were then left all alone to themselves in the world by their creator, an idea which they did not like as time went on. Adam and Eve were left in loneliness together naked after their creation. 

So, one day, they begged their creator for childbearing and the creator asked them to sacrifice two squirrels , two fishes and two hens so that their wish
could be accomplished.

They did this and thereafter saw the importance of mating and they mated and gave birth to all sorts of colored people in the world today. Be it white, red, brown, black or indigo colored, people, we are all children of Adam and Eve! This is the meaning of EJIOGBE!!!

From then on, they have been paying tributes and home age to the first man Akoda (Adam) and the first woman Aseda (Eve). Because they are our FIRST PARENTS.

Conclusively EJIOGBE is the beginning of creation and everything in it.

© Olalekan Oduntan 2015.

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