Saturday, 16 July 2016


OlaleOne has released his new musical works on line. The album consists of six tracks namely Abracadabra, Orente, Iyawo, Ore, Ore (Acalpela) and Orente (Instrumental).

Abracadabra talks about the ills in Africa that poor people have been going through in the hands of successive governments and that it is high time that our African leaders find solution to these various problems confronting the poor people.

Orente is a dance hall song which talks about a beautiful girl named Orente that the musician is showering a lot of praises on in a deliberate attempt to woo her.

Iyawo talks about all the brides getting married to be well behaved to their respective husbands when they get there eventually. And to be respectful to their husband's friends and her in laws.

Ore warns us to beware of the kind of friends we keep because no friends, no foes. The remaining two songs are an acalpela of Ore song and instrumental of Orente song.

All the songs are available for purchase:


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