Thursday, 30 June 2016


Spirit of the mothers (they are not Orishas)
Great mother witch. The witches. They are several entities gathered in the same term; sacrifices must be constantly made to the witches. They are in charge of establishing balance on earth; the Iyamis are the ones governing the earth. The offerings must be made by Olorisas who know about this, this is very delicate. These are evil entities that represent the destruction of humanity; their activities are based on creating problems such as diseases and poverty. They can make a debtor pay or relieve a person from a debt; the only one with enough power to face them is Òrúnmìlà, no other Orisa could face the witches. They are not a deity or Irúnmọlè and are not received. They support, help, punish or resuscitate depending on how the offerings are made to obtain their help. Ifa offers the suggestion for the right step to be taken when they are angry in order to be pacified.

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