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Numerological meanings and numbers end up in numbers one to nine except with the master numbers which are numbers eleven, twenty two and thirty three which meanings of their life paths have been explained already. But like IIsaid from the beginning of this writeup that the corpuses of Ifa Oracle are sixteen, and I have already ecplained the meanings and functions of twelve corpuses in my previous teachings to my readers. 

Today, I want to explain the meanings of the four remaining corpuses of Ifa Oracle to us and they go as follows: Number thirteen corpus of Ifa Oracle is called OTURA MEJI and the meanings go thus: Carefulness in everything because of lied against, be careful with unfaithful friend, do not tell your secrets to your friends, be careful not to be betrayed by your lover and after a long struggle, everything will be alright. Number fourteen corpus of Ifa Oracle is called IRETE MEJI, and the meanings are as follows: Unhappiness, disappointment, none progress and backwardness. 

But after a while, progress will come. Number fifteen corpus of Ifa Oracle is called OSE MEJI, and the meanings are as follows: Progress wherever you are, happiness, victory over your enemies, travelling, a lo of rewards from business ventures and you will overcome all your problems. Number sixteen corpus of Ifa Oracle is called OFUN MEJI, and the meanings are as follows: Be careful not to make mistakes, if not everything will be upside down, be careful not get sick, sudden death, be careful not to be attacked by the witches. 

These are the meanings and functions of sixteen corpuses of Ifa Oracle with their illustrations in the pictures. There are other two hundred and forty other corpuses of Ifa Oracle which I shall go into their meanings and explanations later on in my subsequent write ups on this blog. 

Likewise other meanings and attributes of Numerology such as expression, destiny number, pinnacle, karmic number regarding numbers one to nine and the master numbers like numbers 11, 22 and 33.

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