Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Kosovo Wedding Traditions

Once I got to Kosovo my now husband's family made an effort to let me in on all the wedding traditions in Kosovo and things to be aware of during the days of the wedding (yes, DAYS).

One that they forgot and that I found myself kind of thrown into was the coin in the bride's mouth. Once the groom arrives to pick up the bride at her parents house, a woman from the groom's side puts a coin in the nusja's mouth, and she must keep it there until she is taken to the car that will lead her to her future home.

I was not made aware of that wedding tradition and so found myself with the emotion of my husband seeing me for the first time in the wedding dress, all the people singing to us.. and a 50 cent coin in my mouth.

Once the bride gets to the car, she must give the coin to her groom, who sits on it during the ride home. Once they are approaching the destination, they must drive across a bridge and the nusja has the task of throwing the coin in the water as far as she can. This is supposed to bring financial prosperity to the couple and their family.

I especially liked the moment of throwing the coin over the bridge for it was an intimate moment that carried great significance for the future and I certainly regret not having any pictures of it, but it was still one of the highlights of our ride back home (that and feeling like a princess waving at every little girl on the streets)

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